Joining the Australian Cartoonists Association

Being a member of the Australian Cartoonists Association keeps you connected with other cartoonists and, just as important with what’s going on in artist circles in Australia and beyond. ACA members include Australia’s best cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators, comic book artists, animators and illustrators who work for newspapers, magazines, and production houses.

Attention is focused on matters such as syndicated cartoons from overseas and issues of copyright, public education and promotion to newspaper and magazine editors and publishers. ACA’s membership stands at over 200 nationwide.

Membership types and benefits

Eligible to Full Member Associate Member Corporate Member Legacy Member
receive Inkspot
receive email updates
State functions (where possible)
member rates for Stanley Awards
access to Members forum
receive Year Book
listed in Members Directory
listed in Member Portfolios
submit for Awards
vote for Awards
vote at AGM
nominate to the Board

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Would you like to be a member?

Just email the Membership Secretary to point you in the right direction.

The ACA has several categories of membership:

NOTE: There is also a joining fee of $27.50 for new members. All fees mentioned include GST.

Applying for Membership

To apply for a Full Membership, all you have to do is write a bit about yourself, your cartooning experience and attach samples of your work. JPEGs and PDFs are acceptable (please ensure they are low res and do not exceed 5 megs).

Associate Membership is open to all, and doesn’t require any bio or sample works.

For Corporate Memberhip or Legacy Membership, please contact the Membership Secretary direct at

In all cases, you can apply by emailing the ACA Membership Secretary direct at

Australian Cartoonists Association Inc.
PO Box 5178
South Turramurra NSW 2074

ABN 19 140 290 841